Disaster Art

by Apples of Idun

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released April 15, 2009

Written by Eetu Moisio
except "Easy Exits" by Eetu Moisio and Lari Sallinen
Arranged by Apples Of Idun and Joona Lukala
Produced by Joona Lukala
Mixed and mastered by Joona Lukala

Cover art by Eetu Moisio and Lari Sallinen
Band Photography: Sara Nurmi

Vocals, keyboards, programming: Eetu Moisio
Bass, vocals: Jouni Korhonen
Drums, percussion: Jani Vilhunen
Guitar, keyboards: Lari Sallinen

Additional vocals on "The Bang" by Mervi and Pekka Kurki

© & ℗ Go On Music 2009



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Bang
A dream denied
He knows it’s far too late
Is mind-blowing

They taught him to move their way
And suddenly they changed
They’re not like they used to be
They taught him to take the pain
See innocence in rape
We’re slaves like we’re used to be


The borders we have learned
You can’t find
Where I’m going

An endless operation
Succeeding is everything
A different reality
A back-stabber is a friend

I’ve found a place to hide
Despite of all your wisdom
I found a place inside
Track Name: Blatant Blue
I caught the riddle sleeping
I'm falling from a dream
Wonder if I'm now awake
It's all there is a blurry sea
A picture of man I'll never be
The water seems insane

And I sink deep into the sea
I see its face but it's hard to read
Not sure if it wants me here
But I can't leave

Into the blatant blue
We're all inside

And the night is like a dying star
Fading slowly in to the dark
I'm not sure if it wants me here
The world is just a sinking tree
Drowning deep like it should have never been
If there were ground
We'd be on our knees

Into the blatant blue
We're all inside

And it all came down with rain
Sent to the core
My love's a razorblade
I'll put you back to sleep

Inside the core
We are no more
Track Name: Polyfonia
Counting the hours
In the centre of a dream
The way you keep on hiding
Is blasphemy in sleep

And I know you're buried
Deep under the sin
And I know if we'd get in
We would beg for more

Traces are still showing
Keep searching
Every door will open
For you

I woke up in the sun
And fell asleep in the silver moon
I took a flight over reasons
I washed away the bad excuse

I'm on the top of the pile
Looking down the bodies below
It takes forever to reach you
But I'm getting closer
Track Name: The Fusing Clouds
There were times when I wasn't quite this blue
Like the sky I could change my color too
And tonight I wish I could shine like a star
So bright I could tear this world apart

And there would be nothing
No sinner and no saint apart
Everything will fuse
Like the sun to the moon
Free, oh finally, we are

So don't get fooled by the size of things
The big truth could fall down with a little lie
A little smile could easily save this world
We chose the lie and I keep staring at the sky
Track Name: The Head That Would Not Die
Can't believe the things I hear
They say my mind was never mine
We're cattle, they say, controlled by fear
So said the head that would not die

So clean the table
Shave your hair
Then buy a gun and sell your love
March in line! Open the fire!
Die for the head that would not die

See, how we're tearing down the walls
How we're killing all that's wrong
You know destruction is the way
Old habits die hard

So stand up
Sink lower
Don't refuse the feeling of power
We're flooding
We're ultimate

We turn to dust while we march

When it's over, head is weeping
I can almost hear it saying:

I didn't do this
You all just came along
I'm not a murderer
Track Name: DT
The night is young, we've just begun
I can see right through these shallow ones
Open the cage, welcome the beast
Fly through this barrel of a gun

Let us feast, born today
Don't come my way, if all you can do is say how we should settle down
Well I suppose you could be free
You have to rape yourself to know what you need

So bring him down, Mr. Fear
He's been there too long whispering to your ear
Then sing a song all out of tune
No matter how it sounds as long as it feels good

Well I've been told about right and wrong
Well right and wrong seem to come along just fine
So let us greet a human need
To be sucked in this pathetic belief
That we rule the world

Now take a ride in real life
It's a hell of a lot worse than you ever thought
And it's a shame that you feel great
Cause we're gonna drag you down to the shit tonight

And when the cage was closed
Our sacred truth was sold
They told us we'd be free
Oh, I can never be

And now the hunt is on
When did the truth reform?
I don't need you to break away
Track Name: Fenix
It’s just like we’ve never met
We’ve never made love
That’s what I feel when I touch you
Cause you feel so distant
All of our divisions it seems
They're not there at all
When I touch you I feel like an angel

But I'm wearing your wings

Happiness (is a matter of timing)
Forgiveness (the biggest liar)

I've got all the answers
When they are not needed
You came up with the question
Right at the moment of drowning
You came back just to lift me up
With bagful of towels
Cause you know how I ache when you
Treat me like a flower

The night arrived

Please hold me
Just hold me

Now that we're close to the end
There's no sacrifice too big
Here take it all
My mind could use some room
Count on me my friend
You lose less than you think
I sink with a smile
Feeling like a god
Track Name: You Are No Machine
I never knew you had it in you
You paint the world like disaster art
We had the hate you brought the flames too
I bet this city won’t be sleeping now

We keep living by the book
We eat the thoughts of famous brain
And we’re hungry for more
I’m burning up inside

It’s never over ‘til it’s over
Every bastard will have a son
And the buildings keep on growing
You sure know how to bring ‘em down

The world is afraid of you

We keep living by the book
We eat the thoughts of famous brain
And we’re hungry for more
I’m burning up inside

The world is afraid of everything and everyone
Who has a soul
Who is not a machine
We’ll break the code in time
Track Name: Melee
Electricute the chair
I am ready to go out with a bang
I never really found my place
Never really wanted to
This is not my world
I sincerely hope it's yours

There's always another fact
Competing with the other
There's a war drum hitting
Deaf ears can't hear it

So come
Pull the lever now
I'm sick of waiting
Destroy the satellite
You don't need more info

Pieces of your world
Your mother earth
Needs opiates

Oh take me back
Where we began
Track Name: Easy Exits
Days are making the years go by
In so many ways resembling an endless night

I will not be the one to crack
Just like a willow tree I am

Days are making the years go by
In so many ways resembling an endless night

Still you circle in my dreams
You question my beliefs
You are the hope that disappears in me
Keep praying for the day
I will lie down, lie down
Wearing the cloak of apathy
The scars of strained felicity
Are you sure that's what you want?
Inside the beast is crying / It's dying

I will not be the one to crack
Just like a willow tree I am
I will not be the one to say it's over
No, I can't afford to sink
Not now

Can you feel the heat of the night?
My polluted, friend, love, the enemy
Can't you see it's all repeating It's defeating
You fell in love with the rifle

I hate this mindless game
It makes me hate myself
Track Name: Living Under Glass
Oh precious time
Why do you keep on running?
We all are trying
But we never seem to catch you

And all the emptiness inside
I fill it up with giant lies
How many mirrors can I find 'til I see clearly?

Open my eyes when something's worth seeing
Don't tell me lies when the truth is worth hearing

And all the emptiness inside
It keeps on growing all the time
This ain't the state I want to be in
This is rape
Feels like I'm living under glass
Below the things I used to have
Why does an angel need its wings?
There's nowhere to fly to

Don't fly away
I need you while I'm here
There's no denying
Don't disappear
You're all I want to see
Horizon's dying